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On Encryption

by Patrick Kerrigan, . Tags: Cryptography Security

Encryption is quite a hot topic these days. It's started to be vilified as "providing a safe means for criminals to communicate" by some not so familiar with the subject. There are even some proposals to ban it. While these are legitimate concerns, and ones that need to be tackled (although perhaps from a different angle), the truth is that providing a way to communicate free from eavesdropping is crucial in order to provide the services which underpin modern society. Losing this capability would nullify many of the technological advances of the last century and make the world a much more dangerous place.

Switching to SSL

by Patrick Kerrigan, . Tags: Web Linux Cryptography Security

As Google have publicly stated that a site's usage of SSL will now start to play a part in the ranking of its pages in search results (and presumably other search engines will follow suit) I decided it was time to switch this site to SSL. With online privacy an even bigger concern than ever there's no reason not to use cryptography where possible. I'm posting the steps I took here as a guide for anyone else thinking of making the same move in the hope that someone might find it useful.